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​​​​​​Often people want to know, what does the pig taste like? To others this may seem obvious, but not everybody has been to a pig roast. I tell people that it will taste like "a pork chop" or fresh pork. Some times people get "roast pork" confused with bacon, ham or pulled pork. Bacon or ham have been "cured" in salt and smoked, that is why the ham and bacon are pink and salty. "Pulled" pork is usually a pork shoulder cooked long & slow till it falls apart. It will just shred very easily. It will look kind of stringy. I like to "chop" the pork in small pieces. I do not shred the pork because I find that it will "dry" out very quickly (unless adding sauce right away) . The skin is almost always crispy and will have a smoky taste. The meat will have just a hint of smoke, even though the pig is cooked over wood the skin blocks the smoke from the meat. Remember pig skin is thick, they make footballs from it. And most of all the fresh roasted pig is not "greasy". I find so many shall we say "un-educated" people who think the pig will be fat and greasy. Yes pigs have fat, but a 70-120 lbs. pig has little fat compared to the cuts of meat at the super market. Super market cuts, such as chops, ribs or hams are cut from large pigs, not roasting size pigs. So there... is your pig roast lesson of the day. 

Option 1  BBQ Picnic video  2024 menu & prices are subject to change.

BBQ Picnic (not a pig roast) minimum 50 people.

(requires 7 day advance reservation)

$1725 (new price March 1st) for the first 50 people. $22 for each person thereafter.

We arrive about 1 ½ before your serving time to set up your food. All food whether hot or cold arrives in professional catering food carriers (Cambro) ready to be served. If you have ordered burgers & dogs we will bring and setup our catering grill. You will receive approximately 2 hours of grill time after your serving time. Additional grill time can be ordered for $40.00 per hour. We will set out the food on tables you provide and we will refill the food as needed.  This is a great package for back yard parties, office or business parties, job sites or really just about anywhere. We can set up in a park or parking lot or a front lawn. With this package you will get the following: (choose 2 meats) 

BBQ Pork (chopped or shredded with no sauce added) with rolls. Sauces mild & spicy served on the side. BBQ Chicken assorted pieces glazed with mild sauce. (breast, thigh, drumstick) BBQ Beef Brisket (smoked) served with our homemade BBQ sauce. BBQ Ribs (add $100.00) Smoked spare ribs made with our special rub and glazed with mild sauce. Burgers & Dogs with rolls and condiments (cheese, ketchup, mustard & relish.) Note: burgers & dogs counts as one meat choice

​Grilled Chicken Breast boneless-skinless. 

​Sausage Peppers & Onions


Choose any four (4) of the following.

*most popular in 2023

Side Dish Choices for 2024
Macaroni & cheese. *
Baked beans with sausage & apples. *
Vegetable stir fry Thai style (not spicy). *

Vegetable Fried Rice Thai style (not spicy) Choice of White or Brown*
Pad Thai*

Red skin potato salad.
Cole slaw.
Corn on cob cooked fresh on site. (mid May to late September).
Mixed fruit (cantaloupe, honey dew, pineapple, peaches, grapes & strawberries).
Rice: Spanish style (tomato, peppers & onions) or
Yellow rice with beans.
Pasta salad with sun dried tomatoes & artichoke hearts. *
Macaroni salad.
Spring salad with pecans & mandarin oranges and raspberry vinaigrette. 
Caesar salad with dressing.

Paper plates, napkins and heavy plastic cutlery. This is a great option for the office party at the park or a business meeting or club get together.


Option 2  Roasted Pig is ONLY offered as part of a catering package at this time. "End of story." Please do not call or email and "just a roasted pig" you will not get a reply.
2024 menu & prices are subject to change.
Custom Pig Roast minimum 50 people. (requires 14 days advance reservation)
 $1970 (new price March 1st) for the first 50 people. (add a second meat first 50 people** see prices below)

​$22 for each person thereafter or $23 with a second meat.

Pig is roasted from "raw" to finish at your location. Roasted and carved, then served.
You get a roasted pig, sandwich rolls, bbq sauces, paper plates, napkins, plastic cutlery and a choice of 4 side dishes (listed below). 

 **Additional meat selections that can be added to the pig roast.
Meat Choices:
Smoked BBQ Chicken $165

(breast, thigh & drumstick assorted)
Smoked Beef Brisket (sliced) $190
Smoked Turkey Breast (sliced) $XXX Not Available

Grilled Chicken Breast (boneless-skinless) $150

Side Dish Choices for 2024

*most popular from 202
Macaroni & cheese. *
Baked beans with smoked sausage & apples. *
Vegetable stir fry Thai style (not spicy, cooked fresh on-site in a giant wok). *
Vegetable Fried Rice Thai style (not spicy) Choice of White or Brown*

Pad Thai (cooked fresh on-site in a giant wok).*

Red skin potato salad.
Cole slaw.
Corn on cob cooked fresh on site. (mid May to late September).
Mixed fruit (cantaloupe, honey dew, pineapple, peaches, grapes & strawberries).*
Rice: Spanish style (tomato, peppers & onions) or
Yellow rice with beans.
Pasta salad with sun dried tomatoes & artichoke hearts. *
Macaroni salad.
Spring salad with pecans & mandarin oranges and raspberry vinaigrette. *
Caesar salad with dressing.

*Burgers and Hot dogs(add-on). Only available when added to the “on-site”
pig roast. $250.00 when added to a 50
person pig roast and $4.00 for each person thereafter.
includes 50 Hamburgers, 50 Hot dogs (all beef), Rolls and
condiments such as cheese, ketchup, mustard and relish.
(we always have extra burgers and dogs on hand should
you need more).

Grill Time: $45 per hour. We’ll cook food you provide on our catering grill. This is an add-on option to either our BBQ picnic or On-site Pig Roast Package. Please let us know in advance if you need this option.

The following items can be ordered and delivered
locally, or added to your pig roast order above. 7 days notice because your meat is ordered fresh.
Minimum delivery order $500.00

Does not include rolls, chafers, plates, utensils, napkins or

table set up.
2024 menu & prices are subject to change.
Fresh Smoke Roasted Pork: $180.00 per pan. 
Each pan will serve about 25-30 people. Pork is chopped in
medium size pieces which is perfect for sandwiches or eat
it right from the plate. You will also get our 2 homemade
BBQ sauces, one mild and one spicy. This is the same meat
you would get from a roasted pig. Makes a great alternative
to roasting and carving the pig.
Beef Brisket (Smoked): $200.00 per pan. Each pan
will serve about 25-30 people. Brisket cooked slow and
low with our special rub and then sliced thin. Includes our
homemade sauces.
BBQ Spare Ribs (pork): $200.00 per
pan. Approximately 7 full racks. covered with a secret wet rub
of spices and smoked over cherry wood. Then they are
glazed with BBQ sauce and ready to eat. If you're a true fan
of BBQ food you will love these. Homemade sauce included.
Lightly Smoked Turkey Breast (2 per pan) $XXX.00 (Unavailable at this time)
Smoked using apple or cherry wood and sliced thin. A nice choice for those who would like to add something different to their pig roast. I must say this is a personal favorite of mine. For guests who may not eat pork or want to eat light, white turkey breast is great. Eat it plain, with sauce or with a green salad.
Smoked Wings: $125.00 per pan. About 65-75 pieces.
Chicken wings rolled in my special dry rub, smoked over
cherry wood and covered with a mild or spicy sauce. A
great way to start any big party. These are our most
requested item to be added to a pig roast.
Sausage (smoked), Peppers, Onions $125.00
Your choice of mild Italian link sausage or Bratwurst, smoked all the way thru, then simmered with red & green sweet bell peppers and sweet onions.
 All sides & salads made fresh to order.

Macaroni & Cheese $65.00 per pan (about 25-30 servings). Straight forward elbow macaroni and cheddar 
cheese sauce. Peppers & onions can be added upon request. 
Baked Beans with Apples & Sausage $65.00
Baked beans made with apples & smoked sausage, they are simply the best.

Vegetable stir fry Thai style (not spicy).  $90.00
Vegetable Fried Rice Thai style (not spicy) $85.00

Choice of White or Brown Jasmine. 


Pad Thai chicken or veggie $95 per pan.

Country Red skin Potato Salad $60.00 
Potatoes, onion, celery, a tiny bit of egg, mayo and our secrets.
Cole Slaw $45.00 
Made just right, sweet, tangy & creamy.
Pasta Salad $65.00 
Tri color spiral pasta with sundried tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts, parmesan & creamy Italian dressing.
Macaroni Salad $45.00
Baked Ziti w/ Ricotta $85.00


Corn bread $30 per pan

A description of our bbq sauce: I know it is hard to describe "taste" in words, but here it goes. Our mild sauce is a tomato based sauce with a little taste of citrus, molasses and onion. The heat is very mild and comes from black pepper and mild chili powder.
Our standard spicy sauce is tomato & mustard based and the heat comes from a special mix of peppers. This sauce is what I call spicy but not "hot". It will not boil your gums down, but you may break a sweat.
Additional info: No reservation is final until I receive the deposit. You will

receive an email or hard letter when I receive your deposit. Then the date is yours.

I am very fair about this. I keep a running list of all calls & emails and I take

reservations on a first come first serves basis. I can “pencil” you in for a given date

pending your decision and I would get back to you before giving the date away.

If having a party in a park or other public area the customer is responsible for all

permits that are needed, if any. Some counties or towns require them and some do

not. Some locations require a “certificate of insurance” from me the caterer and I

can provide this with just a phone call to my insurance agent. Call me and I will

help you with any info that you will need. Health permits are needed if you are

selling tickets to the public, such as fund raisers. We have no problem with health

inspections due to the fact we adhere to NJ health standards everywhere we go,

public or private.

Pig roasts require about 12 X 20 feet the more the better. I understand that in some

towns room can be hard to find. But we must work safe, I have a perfect safety record

and we like to keep it that way. We do not cook in buildings or garages, under or

on decks, on boats, or under low hanging trees. We do not place our cooking

equipment against buildings or near trash dumpsters.

The BBQ Picnic is your best option if cooking space is limited. You will not have

a roasted pig but the food you will have will taste so delicious everyone will still

be happy anyway.

All jobs have no less than 2 people at all times (included in price), more than 2 if needed. Pig roasts have one cook & one assistant. BBQ Picnics have one grill cook & one food set up person. We ask that your guests not touch any of our equipment at any time.

Weather: We can cook rain or shine. In the case of an extreme event such as

hurricane winds or violent thunderstorms we will do our best to work with you to

make the party happen.

Final Payment is due at the completion of the job, Cash, check or credit card is

fine. We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Card must have an EVM chip (no chip we do not accept. PayPal’s rules).

Due to the drastic increase in credit card processing we will start charging 3% fee for all purchases using Visa or Master Card & American Express. However you can still reserve with credit card by phone and there will be no processing fee. This will allow you to lock in your date quickly without the extra charge. Although you will receive a $5 fee if you cancel and we return the deposit to your card (that's what the bank charges me).

 Cancellations: I will refund your deposit in full if you give me two (2) full weeks

(14 days) notice. Refunds are usually same day but can take up to 7 days. If you

give us less than 14 days’ notice your deposit is forfeited, no “if, ands, or buts.”

 Violent Weather: We do not offer rain dates as it makes it impossible to fit our business platform. However we will work with the customer to the best of our ability to make your event a success during inclement weather. We can cook rain or shine. Severe rain fall can sometimes slow us down by a few minutes.

Wind is our biggest enemy

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